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My Background

 Brad Tyndall has been a God seeker most of his life. He served as an acolyte growing up Episcopalian and became charismatic for a year or two at the end of high school. After some minor explorations beyond Christianity, and six years with Muslims, Christians, and Hindus in Europe, the Middle East, and East Africa, he returned to the United States and attended Unity and Methodist churches, and became an elder in the First Christian Church in Neosho, Missouri. He then embraced Catholicism and revels in its wealth of mystical practices. Brad has a PhD in environmental economics and international trade and a master's degree in agricultural and natural resource economics. He has studied Arabic and French at the Universit√© de Strasbourg, France, and learned Arabic and much about Islam as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Sudan and as an economist in Yemen. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Kenya. Brad has presented on the "Living Side of Islam" since the tragedy of September 11, 2001. He has been a professor and an administrator for about 25 years.

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My Book: Touching God: A Journey, A Guide to Mysticism in Christianity and Islam

 The author takes you on a journey to far-reaching corners of the world, where he drinks tea with loving Sudanese Muslims, prays in ancient Coptic churches, and whirls with Sufi dervishes in the desert. In seeking the mystical in extraordinary places, he discovers that an intimate relationship with God can be found in known religious practices. The key is not the practice itself, but the role of the mind and the heart. With the right intention and contemplative approach, the religious practice unveils an attentive and loving God. The author draws upon Rumi and Hafez, in Islam, and Saint Teresa of Avila and Thomas Merton, in Christianity, and many others to discuss the fundamental principles for embracing the Divine. By distilling the basic tenets and practices of Islam and Christianity, he finds they both hold similar mystical treasures. Learn new and ancient methods for meditation, prayer, chanting, prayer beads and pilgrimages. Closely examine the Koran's incredible poetry and beauty and gain insight into how it has brought millions to God. Learn about lectio divina, the ancient technique of listening to God's personal communication with you through the Bible. The author provides step-by-step instructions for you to begin to use these mystical tools. By the end of the book, you'll have taken your own journey into the heart of both Islam and Christianity and found Love. 

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